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KLASP (Klazomenai Survey Project) is an interdisciplinary archaeological survey project which mainly focused on the investigation of rural landscapes around the four Ionian poleis located on Urla-Çeşme Peninsula (İzmir), which are Klazomenai, Erythrai, Teos and Lebedos. The Project is initiated by Klazomenai Excavation Team in 2006. The Project expanded its focus since then and developed into a landscape research project by embracing a wider perspective aiming at recording and defining the past landscapes diachronically with a holistic view in the peninsula.  Our methodology is designed to document the cultural landscapes and its features diachronically to explain transformations and shifting dynamics. Our fieldworks integrates pedestrian surveys with geoarchaeological research, material analysis, remote sensing and socially engaged activities to present a holistic view of the past landscapes and develop solutions for sustainable conservation at optimum level. 

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